Event Support Programme

The programme supports sports, arts, lifestyle and entertainment events by offering partial financial assistance to event organisers.

The support is applicable for events that are secured and events inaugurated in Malaysia.

Key Criteria

  • The event must generate a minimum of 150 international attendees
  • The application for the programme must be completed and submitted 3 months before the event
  • It is open to registered association or organization
  • Events must have direct economic benefits i.e. tourist arrivals, tourist expenditure, room nights generated, economic impact value.

The Application Process

  1. Submit event proposal with full information of the event and the completed Event Support application form.
  2. Ensure the the submission is makde 3 months prior to the event. Set an appointment for a presentation to the MME Event Support Team.
  3. The assessment of the event will be done within 7 working days. You will be contacted if more information is required.
  4. An official letter of offer will be given to you once the application is approved.
  5. Once the offer is accepted, an MoU will be done to outline MME's requirements and obligations
  6. The disbursement of the support will be made after the event and once all proof of payment(s), post-event report as well as a list of international participants complete with passport numbers are provided.

To apply, please download the PDF version of the form, duly complete it and email us at info@mymajorevents.com.my.