Q: What type of events do you support?

Malaysia Major Events' primary objective focuses on securing and developing major international events in Malaysia. The unit was developed to support and attract those events which will generate significant international TV/media coverage and/or create significant economic impact for the country. Malaysia Major Events supports a wide range of cultural, arts, lifestyle and sporting events across Malaysia. For event enquiries, please email us at info@mymajorevents.com.my

Q: How can I find out if my event is eligible for support?

We have an enquiry form on the website which is the easiest way to get in touch with us. Just complete all the necessary fields and someone from the events team will contact you.

Q: What are the main criteria for support?

Malaysia Major Events' support is primarily focused on securing an event for Malaysia and/or to support an event that has new initiatives or activities that has the potential to attract international audience.

Q: When should I apply for support?

We would encourage event organisers to get in touch with us as early as possible or about seven months in advance to discuss potential support from Malaysia Major Events to ensure any opportunities can be fully maximized. Application can be made any time of the year by either downloading the event/bid support form from mymajorevents.com.my

Q: Can international events provide marketing support for my event?

Marketing an event is crucial for us where we look into every suitable aspect to enhance a profile of an event. We offer advice as well funding if all the criteria are met.