Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018
7th September 2018 to 15th September 2018 - Penang, Malaysia

The Masters sports market in Asia, in particular Southeast Asia has been relatively modest in participation in the past eight World Masters Games editions. In the desire to expand the Masters Games ideology and grow the Masters sports market in the Asia Pacific region, it is proposed that an inaugural Asia Pacific Masters Games be held in Malaysia in the year 2018.

A Masters Games dedicated to the Asia Pacific region would help further develop and grow the message of lifelong competition, friendship and understanding between mature sports people regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or sport status. With the introduction of the Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 in Penang, the aim is to expand the interest in Masters sports in Asia in particular and encourage a healthier participation from Asian and continue to generate interest within the Asia Pacific region such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, China and Chinese Taipei. To ensure the Asia Pacific Masters Games carries the identity of Asia to encourage participation, a few selected sports unique to Asia will be incorporated to the main core sports such as Sepak Takraw, Silat, Karate, Taekwondo, Kabaddi, Dragonboat and etc.

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